Friday, April 23, 2010

Episode 24 - NDCA with a schmear of TOC

The three debate coaches behind theory, litotes and American Idol—not to mention Jersey Shore—present "The Cruz's Underwear Episode." This week we talk about the recent NDCA tournament, and the future of that group and its event. In and out, we hit on the TOC, but it refuses to go out with us. Get it here.

Thank you, Corey Vidal.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Episode 23 - Tricks and Psych-Outs

Menick, Bietz and Cruz—AKA Bietz, Cruz and Menick—look like they're going to discuss all sorts of evil ways to get ahead in debate rounds, but really don't. Or, more to the point, they only do a little bit. They also talk about the CatNats resolution (hint: they think it's the greatest thing since the Inquisition), while mostly concentrating on the aspects of rounds other than line-by-line that many debaters forget about. If you're too poor to afford iTunes, where the episode is automatically downloaded into your iPod/iPad/iPud/whatever, then click here, but maybe you might want to think about saving a few bucks and joining the new millennium.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Episode 22 - Public Forum, Pt 2

Having tossed Palmer onto the discard pile, TVFT goes all TOS with Cruz, Menick and Bietz talking mostly about how topics affect an activity, and then we take on the recent controversy over fiscally supported PF topics. Where do we stand? You may be surprised. Here's the audio (which has been optimized for the iPad by doing absolutely nothing different but charging twice as much—the good news being that since we weren't charging anything in the first place, you can still afford it).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Episode 21 - Public Forum, Pt. 1

What activity has so many names and so many nicknames? Controversy, Ted Turner, Puff, Pffft, etc. Maybe its lack of accepted nomenclature affects its lack of format? Whatever. Menick, Bietz, Cruz and Palmer begin their dissection of the beast in this this episode, with predictably confused and incoherent results. Have a listen.