Thursday, October 8, 2009

Episode 2 — Mandatory immunization

Get it here. Menick, Bietz and Babycakes Cruz discuss, first, the Nov-Dec resolution. (My confusion on measles wasn't all that confused. The general vaccine is for both measles and so-called German measles. But is is German measles that is the contagion that causes birth defects, while measles contagion just leads to measles. One ought to be able to come up with the odd oodle of evidence on this, given the WHO statistics on measles deaths. Africa has the least amount of vaccination and, apparently, the highest death rate.) This week both Mike and Jon have new microphones, marking a giant leap forward for mankind.

The "This American Life" episode is here.

The tech spotlight this week is on iDebate. Predictions cover the Kaiser tournament in Monticello, New York, and baseball, whatever that is.

Feel free to comment, and especially to suggest future subjects for discussion. I would also imagine that soon we would be able to add guests, provided they have Garageband or Audacity and some decent sort of microphone beyond the built-in, which picks up more ambient noise than you can shake a shtick at.

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