Thursday, November 19, 2009

Episode 7 - Potpourri

Just think. Now you know how to spell potpourri. (And so do I.)

The Three Major Food Groups attack such questions as, should all 5-2s break, and should brackets/results be posted during the tournament. Get it here, or go sign up to get them all from iTunes.

Our tech discussion this week is a Google lovefest. Feel the warmth! Touch the magic! Cringe at the unwarranted bashing of Yahoo!

Predictions are mostly about Glenbrooks, I think, but since I'm not going to Chicago this weekend, I couldn't join in. But I will add here that I predict that I will not be in Chicago this weekend, if that counts.


  1. Let's say, purely for the sake of argument, that one presides over a 6 round quarters bid tournament early in the season where currently few 4-2s break, for hopefully-solvable logistical reasons.

    So maybe I can add a round to this tournament. Question is, if you can't have both (and you can't) would you rather have a seventh prelim and no guarantee that all 5-2s clear, or a runoff round and a guarantee that all 4-2s clear?

    Talk amongst yourselves.

  2. In response to palmer's inquiry:
    Absolutely, 100%, runoff round. Though 7 rounders are great, having a secure goal to hit (and therefore a less "I got screwed by this tournament" feeling) going into the tournament is FAR greater than an additional prelim.
    That's my thought.