Thursday, December 10, 2009

Episode 9 - TOC

The All-American Theremin Marching Band presents their unique analysis of the TOC and the Advisory Committee. They are all past or present members. The episode is here. Of course, it would make much more sense if you subscribed to the podcast on iTunes like a normal person, you yabbo!

The tech discussion this week centers on Cruz's favorite musical instrument. ("Look, Ma, no hands!" — No, wait a minute, it's nothing but hands. "Look, Ma, no touching!") Also, the coach of the Bronx High School of Babycakes announces that he is convinced that email is here to stay. Courageous call on his part.

Our prediction is for pure MJP ecstasy!


  1. Hallo! Your podcast is great- didn't realize that three guys rambling about debate esoterica for 50 minutes could be so entertaining.
    What's the song played at the very beginning of this episode?

  2. This shows how behind I am - that I finially get around to listening to the comments.

    Apparently in policy last year and perhaps the last two - they developed an equalization method such that everyone has an equally difficult draw. Essentially what you do is that you rank all of the teams from #1 to #72 (or whatever) and then teams get a draw that's equivalent between the two oppontents. e.g. for all teams through two rounds, the sum of their opponent's rank is the same.

    I'm not sure who developed the method (because I want to see the math behind it), but Batterman was telling me something about it last year.