Thursday, February 18, 2010

Episode 15 - Jury nullification

You begged with us, you pleaded, and we listened. The Three Squaremealsaday have added an extra portion of nutrition! This week we are joined by Adam Torson, coach and law student from the depths of the midwest, as we discuss the March-April topic. It's so unusual to have someone who knows what he's talking about that you may find the thing totally unrecognizable. The episode is here, if you're too cheap to subscribe to it for free on iTunes (which is, of course, pretty cheap even for you).


  1. Would have been helpful to explain the historical reason why we have a jury and a judge with different roles.

  2. One thing - Cruz's argument that "nullification" removes the law from the books is wrong. Nullification applies to a jury and the law at hand - not the law in general. Because a jury nullified a murder trial, does not invalidate the law.

  3. If I said that, I misspoke -- what I was trying to say, if I understand your reference, is that jury nullification removes the chance to CHANGE the law by denying the opportunity to argue the case on an appellate level (eventually working up to the Supreme Court). I went on at length about that in the podcast, but must have misspoke or been unclear about that at some point.