Thursday, March 4, 2010

Episode 17 - Tournament management

The Three Little Pigs take on running tournaments. Want to do it yourself? Are you that crazy? Get tips from the experts in this episode.

(If you're counting, episode 16 doesn't exist, except for the phantom episode of Not 16. And our special guest this week is not Chris Palmer. What else is not true? Don't ask.)

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  1. re: Jon's room cleaning system

    We have done the room check sheet with students specifically assigned for four years, and the taking pictures of rooms both before and after for three. As usual, we are on the cutting edge. : )

    I once had a teacher who was quite particular about her room, and was a persistent complainer. I finally solved the problem by creating a document which listed the various conditions which were potential points of contention (desks arranged, white board markers appropriately positioned, not a single tiny scrap of paper on the ground, etc.)and had it signed by a parent, a coach from another school, a custodian, my team captains, and myself. That was the one year she didn't complain...