Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fallout from CFL and TOC

Two weeks in a row. Impressive, eh? You didn't think the Three Coins in the Fountain were capable of such extended thought. Oh ye of little faith!

This time out, Menick, Cruz and Bietz attack the Vatican and wonder about TOC secrecy. Check out Episode 45.

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  1. I hope that we talk about this again because the other side is that the Advisory Committee is just that - it advises... a unanimous "decision" by the committee is just a very strong suggestion to the Director.

    I can also see the argument (although I do not believe this was made during the meeting) that since a lot of "decisions" are made (or we are asked to vote on stuff) regarding issues of which some (or many) members may not have great knowledge (or understanding), such as bid tournaments or at-large applicants, the advice they give may not be perfect or fully representative of a particular members opinion. Basically, I'm asked to vote on tournaments of which I have no knowledge. I go on what I'm told. Therefore to make public my vote might subject me to unfair criticism.

    I don't believe these arguments outweigh those I make on the podcast, but certainly they are valid and worth considering.