Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LD Resolutions 2012-13, Part One, The Early Years

In Episode 58, Menick, Cruz and Palmer have at 3 of the resolutions, and fill up an entire show in so doing. To wit, there's the Ethiopians, in which Menick is shamed into raising his rating of the rez slightly (see Coachean Life if you haven't read the original responses), affirmative action and SCOTUS elections. (Although, how would one vote for SCOTUSers? What would be Scalia's campaign slogan? Or Thomas's? I shudder at the thought.) As always, the parts where the panelists discuss their peers and tear them apart and call them names have been deleted from the recording.

We'll try to get Bietz back in for the next session. He was bemoaning his lack of equipment at VBI, despite his eagerness to chime in. All he had brought with him was a toothbrush, a twenty dollar gold piece and a pair of nylons.